How we work?

How we work for Companies/Groups/Hospitals/Aged Care or Disability Care Facilities

1. We receive contact from your Group Leader/Principal or Manager

2. We learn about your needs, and design a survey for each member of your group. Next The employees/students/group members

go through a survey and share their health goals and relationship goals with us (Parents/Guardians require to fill up the form for the minor aged children or for people with cognitive disability)

3. The needs and goals of each individual are assessed by our qualified and proficient team of life coach, yoga practitioner and dietitian

Next We would contact the Group leader to discuss the results of the survey and share a rough idea of how we can customise the 'Inner Strength Development Program' considering individuals' needs and goals, the age group and health condition of each group member. Next Different package of service is offered to suit different budget. Next The Group leader chooses the package of service that they would like to have it for their group

4. JEEVI's Team would then organise an introductory meeting with your group/employees/students in person or online and provide in depth details about the Inner Strength Development Program.

5. Ultimately, we would implement the Inner Strength Development Program at your chosen premises (work/school/other place) and chosen time.

6. During this phase, the 10 weeks Inner Strength Development Program would be supervised and supported by JEEVI's team of Life coach, Yoga Practitioner and Dietitian/Nutritionist. The progress of every individual would be tracked on a regular basis.

7. You get results! Alongwith the lifelong skills and strategies of Empowerment!

How we work for Individuals

1. Take a FREE online assessment to get a personalized program.

2. Receive an email notification about your program.

3. Receive a call to set your appointment with one of our Allied Health Professionals.

4. Enroll in the 10-week program to begin receiving guidance in pursuing your goals.

5. Get daily motivation to reach your goal.

6. Be a live example of the success you are having by embracing it

7. Be a lifelong member of the Inner Strength Development Program.